Big Update | Happy New Year

Hello everyone and HAPPY NEW YEAR ! Well I know I pretty much screwed up my „24 days of Elisa” plan…but maybe next year I will be more motivated ..

I am so happy to be back at it again with writing on my blog!

This time I will show you my plans for 2017 !

1.Being happy is  a big part of my day and life.Rarely I have moments when I am upset or sick, but what really matters is that I WAS HAPPY AND I AM!So I want to smile more ..


2.Start reading more….

Since I am in the 8 th grade , I am pretty stressed  about the final exams.So I want to develop my knowledge and become even smarter…


3.I want to workout more because it is needed !

After the holidays , I gained some weight , which I am not really proud about ..

+ just bought some equipment to get motivated . (I workout from home because I really don t want to go to the gym in my town for many reasons 🙂   )

4.Pass the exams !

Some hell of a exam is waiting for me this year and I am pretty damn scared..Can t wait to get rid of them and go to high school ❤

5.Have THE BEST summer!!

My sister `s wedding in July will be the best event of the year!I will probably go for 2 weeks  to Felix (curative baths and lots of other pools) Shoutout to my boy I met there.So happy that you are my BFF ❤


There are many little things I want to achieve ,but I can`t write them all beacause I would stay here until 2018 🙂

Thank you so much for reading!Love you lots! ❤


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