I am back

You have no idea how excited I am to post this blog after so much time …. I finally decided to post a new article..

So , I think it s about time to update you on some things about my life.I know I haven t talked so much about my life on this blog but it is never too late for a change.As you may know , I have a Polyvore account , where I create outfit ideas.For 2-3 months I haven t posted anything on Polyvore and here because : I just started the 8 th grade .It will be a hell of a year. Plus , my birthday just passed. I got a new cat since my last cat died in May.I have a new collection of clothes , which is hoodies . I love hoodies !! Since I haven t posted, my stats have been going up and down , but I want to say .. I am pretty impressed by the people who read my articles.I am truly blessed to have you ! :*

Because I don t want you to get bored of my boring stories , I will stop here and jump to the photos.See you in the next articles !


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