About hair extensions

The two major components involved in hair extensions is:

1.  Type of hair used to extend natural hair – 100% human hair, synthetic or mixed.
2.  Method of extension – Permanent (reusable extensions for an extended period of time), Semi-permanent (constant wear for 1-3 months), Temporary (clip-ins or tape method).

Types of Hair

Whether human, synthetic or mixed hair is used, it can be used in permanent, semi-permanent or clip-in extension systems.

Human Hair – 100% human hair comes from a wide range of countries although the majority of human hair comes from India.  Hair may also originate from China, The Orient, South America and Russia.
Synthetic – Non human hair is used in both permanent.  MicroPoint and ProHair are well-known for distributing synthetic hair products.
Mixed Blends – Some systems include a blend of 100% human hair and synthetic.

Method of Extension

1.  Professional Application – Hair extensions (all types of hair) are applied by a hairdresser or licensed professional.  Depending on the professional, hair may be part of a branded Hair Extension System (Great Lengths, SoCap, etc.,) or the customers may provide the hair.

2.  Do It Yourself known in the trade as DIY – Depending on the expertise of the individual that wishes to follow a DIY process, all types of hair can be used as well as all types of methods.  Not everyone can successfully adapt a DIY hair extension system just as not everyone can create updos on their own hair.

Attachment/Connection Procedures

When hair is attached it can be done some in a number of ways which include, but are not limited to:

Pinch Braids

  • Hand Tied Extensions
  • Sewn-in Extensions\Fusion
  • Hair Weaving

Fusion Methods

  • Glue
  • Silicon
  • Keratin
  • Other
  • Microscopic Coupling Shells


Some good hair extensions are: Luxy Hair , Cashmere hair , Donna Bella and Klix

Source : http://www.hairboutique.com/



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