Keep it classy!

Keep it classy!


Elie Saab sheer cocktail dress
19.980 RON¬†–¬†

MICHAEL Michael Kors beige bag
880 RON¬†–¬†

Bonheur bohemian style jewelry
340 RON¬†–¬†

Satya Twena hat
1.000 RON¬†–¬†

Marc Jacobs glossy lipstick
130 RON¬†–¬†

Urban decay eye makeup
115 RON¬†–¬†

Oil free makeup
96 RON¬†–¬†

L Oréal Paris cheek bronzer
74 RON¬†–¬†

Beauty product
110 RON¬†–¬†

Gucci glossy nail polish
115 RON¬†–¬†

Diane James flower home decor
855 RON¬†–¬†

Flower home decor
165 RON¬†–¬†

Nomess home decor
92 RON¬†–¬†

WoodWick white jar
100 RON¬†–¬†

Red pencil
44 RON¬†–¬†


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