Fashion Hacks EVERY Woman Should Know

1.Roll up non-skinny jeans, put them into a long sock, and put boots on to give off a skinny jean appearance.121

2.Wear your belt a variety of ways as a fashion statement.91.jpg

3.Repurpose your old sweaters by turning them into leg warmers.83.jpg

4.Fold your shirts and place them in the drawer vertically to save space.64

5.Tights under ripped jeans are in fashion.Tights-Under-Ripped-Jeans-4

6.Ice is helpful when it comes to removing chewing gum from clothing.17

7.(Something REALLY important)

Buy your necklaces based on the type of necklines that you wear131

8.Remove deodorant stains with baby wipes.Use-baby-wipes-to-remove-deodorant-stains


And here is a video to inspire you even more:


                                         Next post will be: 100 years of fashion -Women


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