New Beginning & 2016 Fashion Trends For Women

I have been waiting for this since I was  little .Now that I have my own website I can`t believe it 

Anyways ,in this website „the fashion world” is going to be my first priority.I am going to give you a lot of good advice,I will keep you updated with the changes.You will find out
some useful hacks and with the help of Google,the information will be useful in your life.

The first post will be :What to wear in 2016?

The designers have begun to show their new collections , to make recommendations for winter,spring and even summer 2016 .

Fashion Trends 2016 in terms of women’s clothing:

  • This year,women will wear maxi dresses.The basic colours of the collections who marched the recent fashion events were:blue,black,red and khaki.So these are the perfect colours for this long dresses.


  • Next to the maxi dresses there were included mini skirts made of leather,monochromatic suits ,overalls,overcoats,jackets,hussar style jackets and fur.Untitled-1-847x424
  • Gladiator sandals will be the urban fashion stars as advised by Gucci.The Oxford shoes for women  will make headlines.31296700_004_0
  • You can wear square-rimmed glasses even though they do not fit everyone.                                                                                                    Next post will be : 2016 Fashion Trends For Men  Source:

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