Cosy Winter

Cosy Winter by galpaian-elisa featuring a purses crossbody Amandine womens plus top235 RON – Slim fit jeans460 RON – Fear of God leather sneaker3.825 RON – Purses crossbody73 RON – Silver necklace225 RON – Witchery cross jewelry60 RON – Silver Bobbi Brown Cosmetics liquid eyeliner135 RON – Eyeliner115 RON – Makeup23 RON – Advertisements

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Last days of summer ☀

Even though we are tired of all the heat, the thirst and we don’t want it to be 35-40℃ outside anymore, we still want the summer to stay around.Sadly, it’s part of the year and we have to get over it.   So in order to “celebrate” the last days of summer, I’ve done something […]

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Skincare Products

Skincare Products by galpaian-elisa featuring Bobbi Brown Cosmetics Bobbi Brown Cosmetics mascara110 RON – The Laundress fragrance39 RON – Bobbi Brown Cosmetics skincare430 RON – Bobbi Brown Cosmetics face care310 RON – Bobbi Brown Cosmetics skincare255 RON – Face Sun care78 RON – Philosophy bubble bath135 RON – Herbivore beauty product78 RON –

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Pastel Pink 🌟

Pastel Pink 🌟 by galpaian-elisa featuring crystal earrings Pink dress1.635 RON – Vintage shoes290 RON – Yves Saint Laurent red purse5.660 RON – Miu Miu crystal earrings1.380 RON – Rebecca Minkoff drop earrings225 RON – So.Ya rose sunglasses1.715 RON – Sport earbud45 RON – Stila foundation175 RON – Face powder94 RON – Gucci fragrance460 RON – Beauty product130 RON – Beauty product40 RON –

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Denim V. Beckham Outfit

Denim V. Beckham Outfit by galpaian-elisa featuring a patchwork top Victoria Victoria Beckham patchwork top1.585 RON – Victoria Victoria Beckham short a line skirt1.130 RON – Slingback mule shoes1.045 RON – ALDO shoulder strap handbag110 RON –

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