Young Me

This is a different type of article which I thought was worth writing. Here are some photos from when I was a little girl:  

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⦁ 2 Years of Blogging ⦁

I feel like posting an article dedicated to blogging anniversaries should become a tradition, at least on my website. I also feel proud and excited that my blog is growing everyday. The statistics over the past year have been blowing with each article I posted. Last year it was only 51 countries that viewed my […]

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Last days of summer ☀

Even though we are tired of all the heat, the thirst and we don’t want it to be 35-40℃ outside anymore, we still want the summer to stay around.Sadly, it’s part of the year and we have to get over it.   So in order to “celebrate” the last days of summer, I’ve done something […]

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This article is dedicated to the most beautiful , clever , brilliant person I know. Words can`t express my appreciation for you but I will try anyway: You give me hope that some day , I will be as successful, as smart and as kind as you.The adjectives could go on. The memories, the laughter, […]

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